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Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Desktop Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Gordon M.
I had two MK850's as they had the same problem and I am now using the MK550.
1) When FN + F10 keys pressed to increase the volume (F9 is volume down), they volume shoots to the top, causing hearing damage. If volume is then attempted to be turned down FN + F9 then it fights going down and then back up immediately. To solve this the batteries must be taken out and put back in keyboard, and the problem is solved temporarily. This fault happens often, and damages hearing. Also embarrassing when taking out AirPods 2, due to loud pain, and then speakers start going max volume with adult content that was being watched.
2) When scrolling with mouse the wheel can spin for 10 seconds (it is free spinning), which is great if you scroll massively often, however it is more a pain on things like Google Maps where zooming goes extremely fidgety and stuffs everything up. The MK550 has increments (only moves as much as your finger instructs) which is great for precision increment movements.

Logitech reply is 2-3 weeks. I followed their solutions and none worked. Wireless receiver is 5cm from keyboard, so this is a fault for the entire MK850 product line.
PC Force very friendly and fast to communicate and fast to replace :)...

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Liam H.
I have had this computer for 3 months (roughly) at the time of writing this review and may I say that it has been working perfectly without any hiccups and serious issues. I play games on it, that are more than small games. GTA runs smoothly at 60FPS at 2K and I can run smaller tasks, like Discord, in the back ground without it effecting the performance of the game at all. I even use it for small art projects on Sai, Photoshop which doesn't effect it's performance.
Overall, for even the price, compared to other places that offer builds. I think PC Force managed to put in extra and keep it at a fair price, for what is in the 'Tower.'
I am extremely happy with this product and quality of the build and I hope that it will serve me well in the years to come....

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John F.
Excellent Delivery Service. Item shipped same day and received 10:10 am the next morning. Have yet to install drive will let you know how it goes later. Cheers John. ...

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Sibi Kurien
The computer is an absolute beast when upgraded to a 960, and i5 6500.
Friendly support and great customer service.
Would recommending buying from Pcforce....