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Seagate Barracuda ST4000DM004 4TB Hard Drive 3.5 inch S-ATA Hard Drive

John F.
Excellent Delivery Service. Item shipped same day and received 10:10 am the next morning. Have yet to install drive will let you know how it goes later. Cheers John. ...

E-Blue Cobra-I gaming Headset with Microphone - Orange Edition

Samiuela V.
Brought this on boxing day, It's very nice and fits my ears very well too. Bassy Headphones with a decent quality mic. It's cheap too. 10/10 Headset ...

Intel Coffee Lake BUDGET GAMING PC => build with budget in mind, get the highest speed in lowest possible price

Sibi Kurien
The computer is an absolute beast when upgraded to a 960, and i5 6500.
Friendly support and great customer service.
Would recommending buying from Pcforce....