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Q Card Long Term Finance

Q Card or Q Mastercard offers access to Long Term Finance deals at PC FORCE. You can make big ticket purchases on our interest-free or payment holiday terms.

Payment Term Description

Setup Fee

6 Months Interest Free


12 Months Interest Free


6 Month Payment Holiday/Interest Free


12 Months Payment Holiday/Interest Free


Excisting Q card customer, Just email us to [email protected] with you cell phone number, Q card or Qmastercard customer ID, and also the Payment Term you want to use. We will call you to obtain the active code when the Q Card sales voucher is ready to process your purchas

Not yet a Q card customer, Please visit to apply online. The application will only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and only takes one to two days to receive the Q card customer ID. 
An annual fee of $50 applied to your account in two 6 monthly instalments. (A fee of $25 applied to your Account on opening and every 6 months thereafter).