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NZ$170.00 incl  NZ$159.00 incl
Sale: NZ$155.82 incl 
Save: NZ$14.18 incl off
NZ$1,159.00 incl  NZ$1,079.00 incl
Sale: NZ$1,057.42 incl 
Save: NZ$101.58 incl off

Headset & Speakers

New Products For May - Headset & Speakers

Edifier 'E10BT Exclaim' - 2.2 Lifestyle Studio Speakers, Bluetooth
NZ$169.00 incl
Sale: NZ$163.93 incl 
Save: NZ$5.07 incl off
Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset GEARS OF WAR Edition
NZ$185.00 incl
Sale: NZ$179.45 incl 
Save: NZ$5.55 incl off
Edifier 'M1360' - 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
NZ$65.00 incl
Sale: NZ$63.05 incl 
Save: NZ$1.95 incl off
NZ$329.00 incl
Sale: NZ$319.13 incl 
Save: NZ$9.87 incl off
Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Professional 7.1 HD Analog Gaming Headset
NZ$189.00 incl
Sale: NZ$183.33 incl 
Save: NZ$5.67 incl off
Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System
NZ$469.00 incl
Sale: NZ$454.93 incl 
Save: NZ$14.07 incl off
Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset
NZ$79.00 incl
Sale: NZ$76.63 incl 
Save: NZ$2.37 incl off
Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset for PC/PS4/Mobile
NZ$179.00 incl
Sale: NZ$173.63 incl 
Save: NZ$5.37 incl off
Creative E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers Black Wood
NZ$309.00 incl
Sale: NZ$299.73 incl 
Save: NZ$9.27 incl off
Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset
NZ$99.00 incl
Sale: NZ$96.03 incl 
Save: NZ$2.97 incl off
Creative Sound Blaster X H5 Professional PC Gaming Headset
NZ$149.00 incl
Sale: NZ$144.53 incl 
Save: NZ$4.47 incl off
Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset
NZ$149.00 incl
Sale: NZ$144.53 incl 
Save: NZ$4.47 incl off
Creative Inspire T6300 (5.1) Surround Speaker System with Wired Remote Control
NZ$119.00 incl
Sale: NZ$115.43 incl 
Save: NZ$3.57 incl off
Creative T50 Wireless Bluethooth 2.0 Speakers with NFC , built-in BasXPort technology
NZ$319.00 incl
Sale: NZ$309.43 incl 
Save: NZ$9.57 incl off
Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Fury Gaming Headset, noise cancelling microphone
NZ$119.00 incl
Sale: NZ$115.43 incl 
Save: NZ$3.57 incl off
Creative Hitz MA2300 Premium lightweight headset
NZ$59.00 incl
Sale: NZ$57.23 incl 
Save: NZ$1.77 incl off
Edifier 'M1370BT' - 2.1 Multimedia Speakers, Bluetooth
NZ$99.00 incl
Sale: NZ$96.03 incl 
Save: NZ$2.97 incl off
Edifier 'R12U' - 2.0 USB Multimedia Speakers
NZ$35.00 incl
Sale: NZ$33.95 incl 
Save: NZ$1.05 incl off
Creative T4 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System - Tap and Play NFC, Infrared Remote
NZ$489.00 incl
Sale: NZ$474.33 incl 
Save: NZ$14.67 incl off

Monthly Specials For May

Logitech Z337 Bold Sound System with Bluetooth
NZ$199.00 incl  NZ$139.00 incl 
Save: NZ$60.00 incl off
Logitech Z333 Speaker System
NZ$149.00 incl  NZ$95.00 incl 
Save: NZ$54.00 incl off
LOGITECH Z506 Surround Sound Speakers, 5.1 channel
NZ$169.00 incl  NZ$119.00 incl 
Save: NZ$50.00 incl off