$10,350.00 Ex Tax: $9,000.00

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture10,752 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores336 NVIDIA® Tensor Cores84 NVIDIA® RT Cores48GB ..

Leadtek Quadro P2200 Graphics Card, 5GB GDDR5x, Single Slot, 1280 CUDA Cores. up to 200 GB/s

$911.00 Ex Tax: $792.17

Features- Pascal GPU- 1,280 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores- 5GB GDDR5x Memory- Up to 200GB/s Memory Bandwidth- ..

PNY Quadro VCQP620-PB 2GB DDR5 PCIE Low Profile 4 x miniDP GFX Card

$410.00 Ex Tax: $356.52

 OVERVIEWThe NVIDIA Quadro P620 combines a 512 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large on-board memory and ..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro VCQP400-PB 2GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card 3*miniDP

$283.00 Ex Tax: $246.09

 OVERVIEWThe new NVIDIA Quadro P400 combines the latest Pascal GPU architecture with 2GB of ult..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro VCQP1000-PB 4GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card 4*miniDP

$702.01 Ex Tax: $610.44

 OVERVIEWThe new Quadro P1000 combines the latest GPU architecture and display technologies, de..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro VCQP2000-PB 5GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card 4*DP

$954.01 Ex Tax: $829.57

OVERVIEWThe new Quadro P2000 is the perfect balance of performance, compelling features, and compact..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro P5000 16GB GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card DVI/4*DP

$5,399.00 Ex Tax: $4,694.78

OVERVIEWThe NVIDIA Quadro P5000 workstation graphics card, powered by NVIDIA Pascal™GPU technology, ..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro VCQP4000-PB 8GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card 4*DP

$1,584.00 Ex Tax: $1,377.39

OVERVIEWThe new NVIDIA VR Ready Quadro P4000 combines a 1792 CUDA Core Pascal GPU, large 8GB GDDR5 m..

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX4000-PB 8GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card 3*DP DVI

$2,041.00 Ex Tax: $1,774.78

 OVERVIEWQuadro RTX 4000 combines the NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture with the latest memory and disp..

Leadtek Quadro RTX5000 WorkStation Graphic Card 16GB GDDR6, 3072 CUDA Cores, 448 GB/s Memory

$4,299.00 Ex Tax: $3,738.26

FeaturesThe World's First Ray Tracing GPUShatter the boundaries of what's possible with NVIDIA® Quad..

Leadtek Quadro RTX6000 WorkStation Graphic Card 24GB GDDR6, 4608 CUDA Cores, 672 GB/s Memory

$7,999.00 Ex Tax: $6,955.65

Features- Turing GPU- 4,608 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores- 576 NVIDIA® Tensor Cores- 72 NVIDIA® RT Cores- 24GB..

Leadtek Quadro P620 Professional Workstation Graphics Card, 2GB GDDR5, 4x Mini Display 1.4 P

$339.00 Ex Tax: $294.78

FeaturesNvidia Quadro P620-realizing Demanding Visual Computing Workflow Performance.The NVIDIA Quad..

Leadtek Quadro P400 Professional Workstation Graphics Card, 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E 3.2, 3x Mini Dis

$229.00 Ex Tax: $199.13

FeaturesNVIDIA Quadro P400 - Powerful Professional Graphics with expansive 4k visual Workspace- Pasc..

Leadtek Quadro P2000 Graphics Card The Perfect Balance of Superb Performance Compelling

$799.00 Ex Tax: $694.78

FeaturesNVIDIA Quadro P2000 - The perfect balance of superb performance, compelling features, and co..

Leadtek Quadro RTX8000 WorkStation Graphic Card 48GB GDDR6, CUDA Cores 4608, 672 GB/s Memory

$11,499.00 Ex Tax: $9,999.13

FeaturesDesigned, built and tested by NVIDIA, Quadro® desktop products are the #1 choice of millions..

Leadtek Quadro RTX4000 WorkStation Graphic Card 8GB GDDR6, 2304 CUDA Cores, Up to 416 GB/s M

$1,893.00 Ex Tax: $1,646.09

FeaturesThe Most Advanced Single-slot Professional Graphics SolutionQuadro RTX 4000 combines the NVI..